Show Dates
September Specials






Feb 10th

Hickory, NC

Private – La Dance – 8-11pm

Feb 12th

Kingsport, Tn

Private – CASA – 8-11pm

Feb 19th

Hudson, NC

Private – Wig Bank – The Hub  8-11pm

April 2nd

Charleston, SC

Private – Cox Wedding  8-11pm

April 3rd

High Point, NC

Private – Furniture Market Party  6-10pm

April 9th

Hickory, NC

Private – Garvey Wedding  Moretz Mills  8-11pm

April 30th

Catawba, NC

Public – Summer Concert series  8-11pm

May 14th

Monroe, NC

Private – Red Cross Gala downtown  8-11pm

May 21st

Rock Hill, SC

Private – Rock Hill Debutante Ball  8-11pm

May 23rd

Myrtle Beach, SC

Private – Decorating Den party -  8-11pm

May 28th

Newton, NC

Private – Catawba Country Club- member guest  8-11pm

June 4th

Pilot Mountain, NC

Public – Hot Cars, Hot Nights  8-11pm

June 10th

Hickory, NC

Private – Corner Table Gala  8-11pm

July 1st

Bessemer City, NC

Public – Summer Concert Series  8-11pm

July 3rd

Holden Beach, NC

Public – Summer Concert Series  8-11pm

July 7th

Banner Elk, NC

Public – Summer Concert Series  6-9pm

July 9th

Mt Airy, NC

Public- Blackmon Concert Series  7:30-10pm

July 19th

Kingsport, Tn

Public – Kingsport Fun Fest  7-10pm

July 29th

Asheville, NC

Private – Maxwell Group Event  8-11pm

July 30th

Garner, NC

Private – Watson Wedding  8-11pm

Aug 18th

Shallotte, NC

Public – Summer Concert series  7-10pm

Sept 2nd

Ocean Isle, NC

Public – Summer Concert series 6-8:30pm

Sept 10th

Connelly Springs, NC

Public - Summer Concert series 6-8:30pm

Sept 17th

Hickory, NC

Private – SSHS – Class Reunion  7-11pm

Oct 7th

Claremont, NC

Public – Claremont Daze  8-11pm

Oct 15th

Stanley, NC

Public – Stanley Concert Series  6-9pm

Nov 12th

Charlotte, NC

Private – Shriners Gala  8-11pm

Nov 25th

Kingsport, Tn

Private – SPCA Fundraiser  8-11p,

Dec 9th

Raleigh, NC

Private – Probst Wedding  8-11pm


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2022 is up and rolling!!

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